The Skibbereen and District Society has published a Journal annually since 2005, Volume 12 being the latest volume available.


Index of Journals

Volume 1, 2005:

History in the Making, by Colman O'Driscoll.

From Victorian Boyhood to the Troubles - a Skibbereen Memoir, by Willie Kingston, edited by Jasper Ungued-Thomas.

Micheál Chormaic Ó Súilleabháin, by Eugene Daly.

Note from a Passing Tourist, by Gerard Muldoon.

Canon Goodman, by Jim Byrne.

Súil Siar, by Póilín Bean Uí Shúilleabháin agus Eibhlín de Stafort.

Once upon a Springtime, when the Visitor was the Student Prince of Wales, by Gerald O'Brien.

The Unknown Stoker: the Work and World of a Rural Gasworks Employee, by Gerard Muldoon.

The Founding of Baltimore's Fishing Industry and its Fishing School, by Alfie O'Mahony.

The GAA - Early days in Skibbereen and Nationally, by Philip O'Regan.

Volume 2, 2006:

Wrecks and Reckonings in West Cork in the Early Eighteenth Century, by Toby Bernard.

Bowl Playing in and around Skibbereen, by James Caverly.

Europe's First Total Abstinence Society, by Rev. Fr. James Coombes.

Seán Ó Coileáin (1754-1817), by Eugene Daly.

Stair-Ghairm-Oideachais sa Sciobairín, by Eibhlín de Stafort and Póilín Ui Shúilleabháin.

The Past Beats Inside Me Like a Second Heart, by Terri Kearney.

The Role of the Normans in Dún na Séad Castle, Baltimore, by Bernie McCarthy.

A Note on "Hamit" and Seanachas Ó Chairbre 1, by Gearóid Ó Cruailaoich.

The Schools Folklore Collection 1938 - Excerpts from local schools in Skibbereen area, selection by Nuala O'Halloran.

The Carbery Show 1836-2006: Its Fall and Rise, by Teddy O'Regan.

Daring Escape from Manchester Gaol, reproduced from the Southern Star, issue December 12, 1936.

Volume 3, 2007:

Gerald Joseph Macaura (1 May 1871-1941) - A Biography, by Billy Macaura (edited by David Brewster).

Role of Hedge School Teachers in the cultural life of Castlehaven'Myross Parish in the beginning of the 19th Century, by Diarmuid Ó Donnabháin.

The O'Donovan Rossa Memorial Park, by Eileen Stafford and Pauline O'Sullivan.

Sisters of Mercy, Skibbereen 1860-2004, by Maura Cahalane.

Skibbereen Town Hall, by Frank McCarthy.

Where have all the Pubs Gone? by Brendan McCarthy.

The Historic William Thompson, by Alfie O'Mahony.

Edmund Leahy: West Cork's first County Surveyor, by Paddy Leahy.

Thomas Swanton: Protestant Landlord and Irish Language Enthusiast, by Eugene Daly.

Micheál Ó Cuileanáin, by Eugene Daly.

Activities of the Skibbereen and District Historical Society 2006/2007, by Jim Byrne.

Volume 4, 2008:

Annual General Meeting of Skibbereen Historical and Archaeological Society, 1944.

Gaeilge i measc an Béarla, le Donnchadh O'Seaghdha.

The Frontiers of Technology, by Alfie O'Mahony.

Diary of a Land League Activist - Life of Henry F. O'Mahony, U.S. Civil War Veteran and Land League Activist, by Colonel Henry F. Quirke.

West Cork and the First Flight of the Irish Wild Geese, by Perry O'Donovan.

Crossing the Pond: Irish Migration from Skibbereen to Boston 1898 to 1902, by James K. Collins.

Operation Lobster 1 - German agents landed near Skibbereen during World War II, by Keron Walsh.

The Zenith Disaster, by Adrian Healy.

The Decline of the Irish Language and the rise of the Gaelic League, by Eugene Daly.

Dán Ó Shéamus Gudmann - A Poem by James Goodman, by Miriam O'Donovan.

Skibbereen Water Works 1890-1990, by Niall O'Mahony.

Volume 5, 2009:

Skibbereen and District Historical Society 2008-2009.

Half-conquered rebels: The big house and West Cork patriotism in Somerville and Ross's fiction, by Patraig G. Lane.

From Cork to Cardiff - The Life of Patrick Valentine Collins, by Margaret Gregory.

Loan Societies in the Skibbereen Poor Law Union and District, 1839-1849, by Terri Kearney.

From Skibbereen to Ballarat: Mary Donovan (1831-1860), by Maura Cahalane.

Cape's Castle of Gold, by Chuch Kruger.

Dún an Óir, a Castle with Guts, by Chuck Kruger.

Charles Darwin on the origin of species, by Perry O'Donovan.

The Thread that could not be broken, by Rosari Kingston.

Fitz-James O'Brien, by Gerald Murphy.

Bardic Schools and the O'Dalys of Kilcrohane, by Eugene Daly.

The Timoleague Chalice, by Chuck Kruger.

Gaeilge i measc an Bhéarla, by Donnachadh Ó Seaghda.

Skibbereen's Greatest Flood, by Brendan McCarthy.

Distribution and Politics in 1862 Ireland: Evidence from the Skibbereen Poor Law Union, by James K. Collins.

Volume 6, 2010:

Skibbereen and District Historical Society 2009-2010.

A History of Aughadown House, by William Casey.

The First World War at sea off West Cork, by Edward J. Bourke.

The Earl Grey Pauper Emigration Scheme, 1848-1850, by Síle Murphy.

A Cape Clear Trilogy, by Chuck Kruger.

Homesteading in Canada: The story of Billy Wolfe of Skibbereen, by Jane Wright.

The Rossbrin Castle Manuscripts, by Alfie O'Mahony.

An American Wake in Skibbereen, by Jack O'Connell.

Then and Now - Tidings from the '50s, by Brendan McCarthy.

Lissard House and the Swiss, by Paddy Leahy.

Louis P.W. Renouf, by Paddy Leahy.

I.R.A. Sectarianism in Skibbereen?, by Jasper Ungoed-Thomas.

The Influence of Trees on Place Names of West Cork, by Eugene Daly.

When Charlotte met Shaw (Notes for a Love Story), by Perry O'Donovan.

Place and People: The Fiction of West Cork's War of Independence, by Padraig G. Lane.

Volume 7, 2011:

Skibbereen and District Historical Society 2010-2011.

Sisters in Science: Agnes and Ellen Clerke, by Paddy Leahy.

Placenames based on the Irish Words for Field and Land Divisions, by Eugene Daly.

Christmas in Bluid 100 years ago, by Charles Daly.

A National School on the Irish Coast, by Harold Frederic.

A Gala Day at Cape Clear, extract from Skibbereen Eagle, 1881.

The Great Famine and Skibbereen, by Terri Kearney.

How Was Butter Made in Earlier Times? by Liam Downey.

Fíor Gael, by Peadar Ó hAnnracháin.

Percy E. Ludgate (1883-1922): Skibbereen-born Computer Pioneer, by Jim Byrne.

Shipwrecks off the West Cork Coast: L'Impatiente - a ship of the French Fleet Wrecked at the Mizen, 1797, by Edward J. Bourke.

Birth and Growth of Skibbereen: An Overview, by Gerald O'Brien.

Admiral Boyle Somerville: Archaeologist and Pioneering Archaeoastronomer, by Brian Lacey.

The Picture Postcard, by Adrian Healy.

Ireland in Europe since 1973, by Sean McCarthy.

Volume 8, 2012:

Skibbereen and District Historical Society 2010-12.

Gems of the Past, by Máirín Lankford.

A Short Biography of a Dispensary Doctor, by Edel Kavanagh.

Mother Ireland, by Eugene Daly.

Somerville and Ross's West Cork, by Pádraig G. Lane.

St. Fachtna's Silver Band, Skibbereen, by Séamus O'Brien.

The Establishment of Skibbereen Town Council, by Dr. Matthew Potter.

Unlawfully Drilling with Pikes: A Story of Fenian Volunteerrs, by William Casey.

Filíocht na nDaoine: Folk Poetry of Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries - Na Dánta Grá, by Brendan McCarthy.

A Touching Story from Ireland, by Eugene Daly.

"Awake, Men of Erin", by Dr. Sean Ó Seadhacháin.

Crime, Punishment and Imprisonment over Time, by Margaret Carmody.

I remember, by Richard Draper, F.A.O.I.

Attorneys/Solicitors Practising in Skibbereen Town Since 1824, by Denis O'Driscoll.

Volume 9, 2013:

The Agricultural Labourers of the Skibbereen Region, c. 1870-1900, by Padraig G. Lane.

Agnes Mary Clerke and the Edinburgh Review, by Perry O'Donovan.

A Trip to the Titanic Quarter, Belfast, by Maureen Connolly.

Battle of Castlehaven, by Michael Coleman.

Building a Reek, by Chuck Kruger.

Cistercian Monastic Settlements in the Diocese  of Ross, by Jim Byrne.

Ireland has not yet recovered from the "Famine", by B.T. Mitchell.

Linen Weaving in Convent of Mercy, Skibbereen: A Pamphlet from 1893.

Rural Life in the Skibbereen Area in the Past, by Jerome Geaney and Jim Byrne.

Why did Sherlock Holmes come to Skibbereen, by Dana Richards.

I Know a Lake where the Cool Waves Break, by Terri Kearney.

Industrial bygones at the mouth of Roaring Water Bay, by Paddy O'Sullivan.

The Life and Times of Bishop Michael Collins (1781-1832), by William Casey.

The Story of the Gracie Blue, by Brendan McCarthy.

The Association of Municipal Authorities of Ireland, by Michael O'Sullivan.

Volume 10, 2014:

Drombeg Stone Circle, by Jim Byrne.

Clashanimud Hillfort and Bronze Age Warfare in Cork, by William O'Brien.

World War 1: The Unluckiest Ship, by John Cahalane.

World War 1 Casualty Role from Skibbereen and District, by John Cahalane.

A Skibbereen Soldier: This article was originally published in the Skibbereen Eagle, of 8th March, 1919.  We are grateful to the Southern Star for permission to reproduce it here.

Time Capsule 1st. January 2014, by Michael Coleman.

Humphrey O'Sullivan (1853-1931): Inventor Son of Skibbereen, by Gerald O'Brien.

The Cillíní of Aughadown and Kilcoe Parishes, by William Casey.

Leap Parochial Hall: the first fifty years - a potted history, by John O'Donovan.

Lick Hill "Cave" and its inscriptions, by Jasper Ungoed and Terri Kearney.
Back to Basics, by Chuch Kruger.

The Loch Ryan - A West Cork Schooner - attacked by the German Air Force, a Family ruined and the shameful attitude of two governments, by Tom MacSweeney.
History of Baltimore Lifeboat Station, by Tom Bushe.

Wave after Wave, by Chuck Kruger.

The 17th-century Dunworley Bay Shipwreck: illegal activity, archaeological investigations and possible identity, by Connie Kelleher.

Eurocontrol and Mount Gabriel, by Paddy Leahy.

Personal Names, by
Eugene Daly.

Volume 11, 2015:

Seamus F. Ryan, 1933 - 2014.

Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa: The most typical Fenian of them all, by Philip O'Regan.

Cumann na mBan.

Abbeymahon and Kilmahon, Two Graveyards in Skibbereen, by William Casey.

Gallipoli 1915: Disaster and Defeat, by John Cahalane.

"The Lumper" and its role in the Irish Famine, by Thomas Downey.

Brigadier Desmon Henry Sykes Somerville, C.B.E., M.C., a biographical note by Brigadier Sir Nicholas Somerville.

Micheál Ó Cuileanáin, (1883-1961), by Eugene Daly.

Church Gone Missing, by Chuck Kruger.

In Place of the Holy Sepulchre, by Chuck Kruger.

The Southern Star
and The Skibbereen Eagle, 1919-1922, by Alan McCarthy.

A Tale of Two Bridges, by Paddy Leahy.

Farewell to Cape Clear, Daniel O'Regan, Reengaroga, Baltimore.

Servants Book of James McCarthy-Morrogh, Inis Beg (1823-1907). With Foreword by Michael McCarthy-Morrogh.

Irish Community from West Cork in Madrid (1600-1650): A Brief Historical Introduction, by Oscar Hernane Elvira.

1641 in the Skibbereen - Leap area: the evidence of the Deposition, by John O'Donovan.

Roaring Water Bay and Carbery's Hundred Isles, by J.F. Collins.

The Cashel at Knockdrum, Castlehaven, Co. Cork, by Charlie O'Donovan.

Billy O'Donovan, Royal Navy, 1935 to 1944,  His own story as told to his son, Charlie.

Early Settlement in the Skibbereen Area, by E.M. Fahy.

Letter to the Editor.

Volume 12, 2016:

West Cork and the outbreak of the Second Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1900 by John O'Donovan.

The Battle of Bantry Bay 1689 and afterwards by Michael Coleman.

The Skibbereen Skellig List by Richard Vickery with Gerald O'Brien and Jasper Ungoed-Thomas.

What Hiberno English may be telling us about ourselves by Michael McCarthy.

The Battle of Jutland, May 31st 1916 by John Cahalane.

Loughine & Labhraidh Loingseach by kind permission of Eugene Daly.

Myross: The Archaeology and History of an Early Medieval Eden by Gillian Boazman.

Aoghan O Rathaille - An Aisling: The Vision Poem by Brendan McCarthy.

Conchubhar O Cuilleanain (1917 - 1960) by Eugene Daly.

The curious incident of the rod in the night-time by Alan McCarthy.

The McRorys of the Irish RM stories by Somerville and Ross by Michael McCarthy Morrogh.

Revenge for Skibbereen: The Phoenix Society and the Development of Transatlantic Irish Nationalism by Professor Patrick J. Mahoney.

Potential productivity of land: the "gneeve" with particular reference to the Civil parishes of Castlehaven, Kilmoe and Skull in the 1820s - 30s by Jim Collins.

Further Skibbereen casualties of World War I.

Gearoid O'Suilleabhain: Brave and faithful soldier of Ireland, whose life was devoted to the service of his country, in war and peace by Philip O'Regan.

The Constabulary and the Bridewell in O'Donovan Rossa's Skibbereen by Tony McCarthy.

Sean O'hAodha: Sean Hayes, Glandore 1884 - 1928 by Maura Cahalane.

Other West Corkmen in the Easter Rising 1916 by Maura Cahalane.

Historical Society tour of the European Battlefields.

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